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Experts from the best Universities and Blockchain companies.

With Binary Diligence, take your security and software development needs to the next level. We derive our knowledge and expertise from the best academic minds in the world. Our audit practices are backed by rigorous research and the state of the art in the Blockchain industry. Our founders are veterans in this space and bring to bear their years of knowledge.


We know security!

Our team members have been in the Blockchain space since the beginning. We have been writing Smart Contracts even before Ethereum was launched on the Mainnet.

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Security Audits

We can audit Smart Contracts on Ethereum and any other EVM based Blockchain platform.

Smart Contract Development

We have a team of developers who can help your kickstart your dream Blockchain project.


Our academic researchers and economists will help you figure out the best way to launch your tokens and strengthen your existing tokenomics.


Our experts can help train your staff on the latest Smart Contract development and security guidelines.